MISSION STATEMENT: AmbieNFT is a collection of 256 individually minted, single-edition generative music NFTs combining hash derived compositional rules with hardware based modular synthesis for unprecedented generative musicality.

Once the synthesizer modules and parameters are patched up according to the hexadecimal seed (fig 1a), a comprehensively equipped modular synth generates a unique composition live on stream, carefully curated, captured and minted in the experienced hands of ambient sound designer and crypto-music early adopter, @drum_operator.

fig 1a

YOURS, OUTRIGHT: When you purchase an AmbieNFT, you purchase the rights in totality. Purchase one of the more tranquil pieces and license future proof BGM or press and sell a physical run of 100 vinyl compiling your favorite noisy outliers. Play your AmbieNFTs as royalty-free music during your stream and get the NFT conversation started in chat. If it’s in your wallet, it is yours to do with (and profit from) as you see fit. (fig 2a)

fig 2a

HEX RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME: By parsing each composition’s unique hexadecimal seed into sixteen key parameters (fig 3a) defining everything from the tempo and mode to specific eurorack module choices, the compositions become inexorably linked to the DNA of each individual hash.

Distributing these sixteen “ambient DNA” choices across classic Common/Uncommon/Rare/Legendary tiered probability tables (fig 3b), certain characteristics like extremely fast or slow tempos or particularly rare module choices become inherently collectable and make a greater contribution to the piece’s overall rarity score. These rarity scores are reflected in the color of each composition’s unique cassette, complete with pictograph labels for rare and legendary characteristics and set against a still from live video synthesis composed of the voltages in the patch at the time of printing.

HARDWARE SYNTH, HUMAN HANDS: Once patched according to the hash, streams of rhythm and voltage depart from a pair of hex-parameterized Mutable Instruments Marbles generative brains into a matrix of analog hardware synthesis that interprets the streams into rhythms and melodies. Setting an array of smart quantizers to the hash-determined root and mode allows the matrix to make sweeping tonal moves at will while dedicated hardware boolean logic, clock dividers and switches decouple and recouple gates and melodies born of hexadecimal DNA. The end result, entirely absent of predetermined sequencing or voicing but still carefully patched by human hands, wrings the most musical results possible from a truly generative and hash derived origin.

fig. 4a

COMMON GOALS, LEGENDARY ATTRIBUTES: Once meticulously recorded through boutique pres and converters, each composition receives it’s own color coded cassette artwork at minting, replete with stickers highlighting rare or legendary attributes. A rare attribute like the aforementioned glacially slow tempo or the ultra-rare selection of noisy additive synthesis darling, the Make Noise Telharmonic as primary melodic voice makes almost six times the overall rarity score contribution of a more middle of the road tempo (120) or common ambient modular synth voice (Mutable Rings.) By skewing the more common selections towards the gear I use most frequently in ambient music, each piece retains a core of ambient timbres while leaving the door cracked for truly rare outliers to explore minimalist techno madness or total Autechre tonal abandonment IDM. Taking a page from my years running a recording studio, all compositions will be stored on 1/4″ analog tape in addition to IPFS for maximum permanence.